I’m waiting for this day for 2 months, and despite the greyness that refuses to go, that’s it, it’s finally spring. For the occasion here are 20 recipes 100% vegetable to put in the tooth to fill the desires for colorful plates, freshness and lightness. On the menu floral recipes, Japanese inspiration (onigiri, udon noodles, chirashi), mesmerizing salads, feta vegan to slide in, classics in spring version (curry, burger, hummus), cute desserts and delicately scented to break with the heaviness of winter and the rustic flavors of recent months. Happy vegan spring!

1- Purple spring rolls
2- Chirashi vegan avocado, carrot and tofu
3- Supersalade (quinoa, avocado, pomegranate, walnuts, mint, Brussels sprouts)
4- Green spread (bean, arugula, avocado)
5- Onigiri from spring to the mizuna

6 – Spring vegetable curry
7- Rice-coconut-coriander vegetable cakes
8- Spelled small meal salad, grilled tofu & mango
9- Spring burger
10- Bo Bun vegan

11- Hummus with grilled asparagus and wild garlic
12- Udon noodle soup with mizuna pesto
13- Small cakes beans and basil
14- Salad in quarters
15- Vegan Feta
16- Cupcakes green tea & cherry
17- Strawberry-rhubarb-lemon tart (+ video)
18- Spring jelly strawberry and rose
19- Fresh strawberry-cucumber water
20- Small slippers with rhubarb

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