Christmas is fast approaching and the inevitable question “what are we going to eat this year?” begins to arise. For your convenience in your research and preparation, I have compiled in a single article all recipes of the festival of the blog, but also some recipes published elsewhere online. In total a good sixty recipes from aperitif to dessert through cheeses, drinks, snacks, accompaniments and small sweets of the holiday season to offer and share for gourmet moments with your loved ones. Happy holidays to come!

Amuse-bouche and entrees

Vegetable Terrine Foie Gras
Terrine Foie Gras (variant of the book Vegan Christmas) 
Rillettes marines  (from the book Vegan Christmas)
Terrine Nordic (fish terrine way)
Small puff pastries with mushroom mousse
Blinis and gravlax carrots (from the book Vegan Christmas)
puff pumpkin and sweet potato spice
buckwheat blinis and caviar plant
royal Bites brown  (book Vegan Christmas)
Crostini Joy Gras outbreaks pears and clementine peel
Mini puffs Joy gras, confit onion, figs and pine nuts
puff with “foie gras” vegetable and Jerusalem artichokes
Verrine of pear crumble and “foie gras” vegetable
Gaïa Gingerbread and Faux Gras Bites
Mini-aumônières with tempeh and chestnuts
Tarama de tofu

Dishes & Accompaniments

Roasted Seitan with chestnuts and walnuts
Stuffed Seitan
Christmas Roast (roast stuffed tofu – gluten)  (Book Merry Christmas Vegan)
tofu ravioli smoked, butternut and sage broth saffron
ravioli with mushrooms and nuts
medallions tofu flavored Duxelles and potimarron
Stuffed golden apples
Christmas burger Celeriac
medallion with fried figs
Potato waffles  (from the book Vegan Christmas)
Tempeh slices, mushrooms and gravy sauce with cranberries
Roasted potatoes with thyme, vegan cheese, garlic and onions fluxes
forest Crumble  (book Merry Christmas vegan)
Chutney apple


Fresh Christmas Cheese (dill & cranberries)
Breaded vegan camembert, apple salad, walnuts and tart
Kimcheese  (kimchi peppers )
Mozzarella vegan
Fresh cheese with figs and nuts
Feta vegan

Desserts, snacks & sweets

Vanilla-caramel-caramel ice cream
Tiramisu choco-chestnut
Vegan spice
cake Pepparkakor (swedish biscuits with spices)
Thin pies  (from the Christmas Vegan book)
Winter cake pear-cardamom
Christmas cookies hazelnuts & cinnamon
Ginger biscuits & cranberries
Mini Christmas palms
Soft caramels with fleur de sel
Speculoos with orange
Small spruces with matcha
Jam with apple-pumpkin-cinnamon
Truffles with dark chocolate and candied orange
Vegetable chestnut mousse
Layer cake choco-speculoos
Verrines pumpin pie way
Ice log citruses
Iced chocolate-mango domes




You can find even more vegan recipes for the holidays in my books Christmas Vegan and Merry Christmas Vegan published by Editions La Plage and translated into English at Robert Rose (+ German and Italian for Christmas Vegan)

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