First of all, if you also lose an incredible amount of hair after each shower, or if you are afraid to watch your cushion when you wake up, for fear of seeing it covered with your hair, do not panic! The seasonal hair loss (spring, fall) is a very common phenomenon . The hair has a cycle of life , they grow, they fall and they are renewed. 

Then it’s a seasonal hair loss and it never lasts more than 3 months . Like the man, the hair does not support changes of any kind . Suddenly, the arrival of spring and autumn, with drastic changes in temperature, are not good with your hair.

There really is not much to do, except wait for the end of the fall and try to limit the damage . Here’s how to do it in 7 tips :


1. Proper diet

Follow a healthy and especially balanced diet , based on legumes, Omega 3, oils, proteins, iron, nuts, almonds , etc.

2. Natural shampoo

Your mother will always be right about everything from A to Z, including when she advises you not to wash your hair every day. Your hair needs to produce their sebum and to be protected from external aggression by the latter. Always favor natural hair products , without sulphate , dyes , parabens , silicone , etc., when you wash them.

3. The massage time

Take the time to pamper your scalp, exfoliating it from time to time (it stimulates hair growth and renewal of the scalp) and massage it (same effect).

4. Oils

Moisturize your hair as much as possible, especially during the cold season. Use an oil such as castor oil on your roots (for the shoot) and coconut on the tips (against excessive breakage).

5. Food supplements

In autumn and winter, dietary supplements are part of a complete and healthy diet. Talk to your GP and make a list based on your deficiencies and / or needs.

6. Sleeping like a king

Choosing bed sheets, elastics or hair clips is almost as important for the preservation and well-being of your mane. For your sheets, invest in something of quality, 100% organic cotton ,  linen , satin or silk . By focusing on quality, not only will you keep your sheets longer, but you will simultaneously service your hair by avoiding breakage on too rigid material, for example.

7. No stress

This is the most important step but also the hardest to put into action: take your time, sleep enough and avoid heavy stress . Do not forget that your hair does not like sudden changes

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