Recently I have seen many people comment that they are looking for “super easy ideas for the holidays, without necessarily having to cook”. Using nice ready-to-use products, formatting them and associating them to compose gourmet and fun mini recipes, this is the program that we have concocted with Jay & Joy for the end of 2019. With Mary de Jay & Joy we share the same vision of vegan food and vegan food, we love to work together on projects (like the Java ice cream range)but we also like to talk a lot about food, the future of vegan agri-food and imagine new ideas to regale you and remake the world while nibbling cheese slices. This year with Mary we had the idea to present their products differently, on a nice festive table and you slip some nice tricks if you are lazy, not the time or not the energy (scratch the useless mentions) of cook a whole meal from A to Z for your eve or party.
I present you this in the form of an aperitif ultra greedy, but the ideas to accommodate the cheese can of course be presented to your guests between the dish and the dessert, with a small fresh salad. If you want more ideas for cooking Jay & Joy products, you can find inspiration in last-minute eve recipes made last year.
Jeanne is the novelty of the vegan cheese landscape at the end of 2018: a fresh blue cheese, reminiscent of gorgonzola or a mild roquefort that can be left to refine a few more weeks in the fridge for an even more pronounced taste . Jeanne already has its followers and is easily used in cooking in many recipes to replace the blue. She is as wonderful as she is or with a good bread. Here I suggest you combine it with rye bread, a slice of pear (ripe is better) and some cranberries (fresh pomegranate is nice too). You can prepare small toasts or serve a large toast of bread lightly toasted with a plate of gourmet salad. If you have it on hand or you’re used to it,I have a recipe based on nashi on this blog ) is often a good idea with cheese.

With Jean Cendré, a fresh cheese reminiscent of fresh goat cheese, you can almost afford everything, but the simplicity suits him so well. Here we served it on star-cut toast (we keep the falls for breadcrumbs, pudding, dumplings or other) and some poppy seeds. Add a small dry fruit (cranberries, piece of fig …) or fresh (persimmon, pear, grape …) for a tangy touch and even more gluttony.

Cheesecake mini cheese log, it’s pretty cool for Christmas no? Here I simply spread the Jean de Luz (a novelty of Jay & Joy exclusively for stores La Vie Claire also available in their Parisian shop) on half slices of bread. A touch of smoked paprika on top for a rustic note and it’s bent (well, rather “rolled” ^^)!


With the Joy Montagne (the second novelty excluded for La Vie Claire) I thought illico little sandwiches shaped cute fir. Simply cut the pines with the cookie cutter in slices of bread (bread or other), spread a fir tree with the cheese and cover with a second tree. Easier and especially cute, I have not found!
The star of gourmet end of years at Jay & Joy is undeniably the Joy Fat. This year, small novelty: the product is also available in block limited edition twice as big. Here we have opted for a classic alliance with gingerbread that no longer needs to prove itself. Small gingerbread sandwiches (vegan of course, homemade or commercially) with a good slice of Joie Gras in the middle, topped with physalis or clementine wedges for an acid note that wakes up the taste buds.



Finally, the famous Josephine, cheese with a rind flowery but not in the camembert style, will be perfectly accompanied by a thin slice of apple and a piece of nuts on a little rustic bread. Here again an apple chutney if you have some or a small onion confit, will complete the toast or toast for even more depth.

I hope all these little ideas will be useful for the holidays. ?

We find ourselves very quickly with recipes where it will cook a little (much) more!

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