Today, we take stock of his care routine …. We take time for ourselves, for our skin, with healthy and adapted products.

“A perfect skin routine for all skin types”

It starts naturally indoors, with a healthy and balanced diet, which does not overload the liver, and a perfect hydration!
Drink water !!!! This is the secret of a well-hydrated skin … If water is not our favorite beverage, we let ourselves be tempted by an infusion, rich and energizing flavors like those of Yogi Tea .

“How to fight against wrinkles? “

We protect  ourselves from external aggressions  like the Sun with a natural filter   and non-toxic for our blue planet, its oceans and its corals. A gesture of a few seconds that slows skin aging and cleans our skin before winter. The summer is conducive to the slowdown, the return to calm and in all points. We take care of his body, his mind but also his skin every day.

Do not neglect makeup removal  is one of the key elements of an effective face routine. Like the other: you know how to make up, so you know how to remove makeup … with vegetable oil  Jojoba, applied to the finger to take off all the makeup residue gently, without damaging the skin, that we may rinse with a wet washable cotton   or directly by cleaning the usual face. To save time and comfort of use, the S5 Nourishing Cleanser  is a great alternative “all in one”.

“Can our beauty routine be: do nothing? “

As for the routine care , it is simple with the essentials, without overloading its routine superfluous products. With the years, I observed the benefit on my skin, at the time very reactive and dry.

Today, I even wash my slightly dry skin with clear water, when it has not been made up …. Every day, I opt for  soft cleaners , solid or liquid, without aggressive surfactant type sodium coco sulfate, and then apply a vegetable oil on moist skin to seal the hydration and nourish my skin.

“Should we adapt our care according to the seasons? “

I learned to  adapt my routine  to the requirements of my skin and the seasons too!
In summer, jojoba oil, non-comedogenic, fine and low viscosity, is ideal for my skin rather normal to dehydrated. While in Winter, with a skin tending dry and sensitive to cold, I opt for a slightly richer and revitalizing vegetable oil such as Apricot Kernel Oil, or that of Rosehip when my skin shows really tired and damaged. The latter regenerates the tissues and offers a deeper care. These different oils can also be combined to form a complete oily serum.

“What products should we use to have soft, shiny hair? “

Again,  do nothing or almost nothing ! The natural and minimalist routines have the merit of revealing the real needs of our skin but also of our hair! Less and better, has become my motto … including for my hair routine. Exit the hair dryer, rubber bands and aggressive surfactants. I now opt for a solid cocoa shampoo Lamazun a, which nourishes and provides shine, and a minute vegetable oil bath upstream, when necessary. A few coconut oils and avocado on the tips and lengths 30 minutes before the shampoo or all night is enough to preserve the general condition of her hair.

Spacing shampoos is often effective for a healthier and shinier hair, as well as cutting the forks regularly and avoiding chemical colors.

“How to choose your soap? “

The soap , it is preferred natural without palm oil or oil derivatives. Rather handmade and adapted to our needs … and our budget too! The cold saponification offers a rich soap, nourishing and respectful of our skin, often attacked by limestone and synthetic shower gels.

Here, we have a small preference for Soaps Clemence and Vivien , delicately scented and accessible! Depending on the formulas, they will seduce as much the delicate skins as the dry skins or mixed. It has been adopted by the whole family, including Junior, whose skin is becoming less and less capricious since the introduction of this minimalist routine.

I gladly take advantage of its light foam to achieve a scrub minute, natural and economic, with coffee grounds collected the same morning. Once the soapy mousse created on my skin, I add a little coffee grounds to  exfoliate . After rinsing, the coffee grounds will also benefit the pipes. Perfect !!!

Finally, nourish the skin … with a homemade vegetable balm  or a minute blend of shea butter  – jojoba oil , to which you can add Aloe Vera for more hydration.

Makeup side , in late summer, we take advantage of our golden complexion to choose a light makeup … Just what it takes to sublimate our face without overloading: a veil of mascara Lily Lolo on the eyelashes, a little pink Lily lolo on the cheeks and a balm

nourishing and greedy lips of Hurraw on Lips.

Take care of yourself !

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